120°C Masking Tape

@120°C masking tape is made of the paper material that is coated with silicone adhesive on one side.

– Temperature (°C) : 120 | Custom

– Thickness (mm): 0.15 |Custom

– Width (mm): From 1mm to 735mm | Custom

– Length (m): 50 | 100 | Custom

– Core Diameter(mm): 25 | 32 | 38 | 76 | Custom

– Packing: Label | OPP Bag | PVC Box | Carton | Custom

– Related Process: +Release Paper | Die Cutting | Custom

Kindly Note: Log roll and Jumbo roll are available.
120°C Masking Tape Description:

120°C masking tape is made of the paper material that is coated with silicone adhesive on one side. They can withstand temperatures ranging from around 120°C. We are professional paper masking tape manufacturer, who can offer the OEM & ODM service to each customer.

120°C masking tape is a type of adhesive tape specifically designed to withstand elevated temperatures without losing its adhesive properties or leaving behind residue when removed. It is commonly used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and painting, where masking is required during processes involving heat exposure.

120°C Masking Tape Application:
  1. Automotive painting: It is extensively used in automotive painting processes. It can withstand the high temperatures associated with paint drying ovens or curing processes, ensuring that the tape remains intact and provides clean, sharp paint lines. It is commonly used for masking areas like door edges, window frames, and trim.
  2. Powder coating: Powder coating involves applying a dry powder to a surface and then curing it in an oven. It is used to mask off areas that should not receive the powder coating, such as threaded holes, connectors, or critical mating surfaces. The tape’s heat resistance ensures that it remains in place during the curing process, preventing powder from adhering to the masked areas.
  3. Electronics manufacturing: In electronics manufacturing, It is used to protect components, connectors, and sensitive areas during soldering, wave soldering, or reflow processes. It can withstand the heat generated during these processes and provide clean, residue-free removal after assembly.
  4. Surface protection in high-temperature environments: When working with surfaces exposed to high temperatures, such as during welding, brazing, or heat treating, It can be used to protect adjacent areas from heat damage, spatter, or contamination. It ensures that the protected surfaces remain unaffected by the heat and any associated processes.
  5. Aerospace and aviation industries: It is commonly employed in aerospace and aviation industries for masking off areas during painting, coating, or composite curing processes. These applications require tape that can withstand high temperatures and provide precise masking for intricate shapes and contours.
  6. Industrial manufacturing: It finds utility in various industrial manufacturing processes, such as metal fabrication, glass manufacturing, and chemical processing. It is used to mask off areas that need protection from heat, chemicals, or surface treatments, ensuring that these areas remain unaffected while maintaining the integrity of the final product.

120°C Masking Tape Model List:
Product Number:Temperature:Total Thickness:Adhesion to Steel:
XH-155HTMT100°C155 microns6 N/25mm
XH-150HTMT120°C150 microns6 N/25mm
XH-160HTMT150°C160 microns6 N/25mm

120°C Masking Tape Actual Show Video:

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