Kraft Paper Tape

@Kraft tape is a type of adhesive tape made from paper or a paper-like material. It is typically brown in color, and is commonly used in packaging and shipping applications.

– Thickness (mm): 0.12 | Custom

– Width (mm): From 1mm to 1020mm | Custom

– Length (m): 50 | 100 | Custom

– Core Diameter(mm): 25 | 32 | 38 | 76 | Custom

– Packing: Label | OPP Bag | PVC Box | Carton | Custom

Kindly Note: Log roll and Jumbo roll are available.
Kraft Paper Tape Description:

Kraft paper tape is a type of adhesive tape made from paper or a paper-like material. It is typically brown in color, although it can come in other colors as well, and is commonly used in packaging and shipping applications. We are professional paper adhesive tape manufacturer, who can offer the OEM & ODM service to each customer.

Kraft tape is made from a strong, reinforced paper that has been coated with an adhesive on one side. The adhesive is usually a natural rubber or synthetic rubber compound that provides a strong and long-lasting bond.

Kraft tape is often used to seal and secure packages, as well as for other applications such as masking and splicing. It is a versatile and reliable tape that is easy to tear by hand and can be written on with a pen or marker.

One of the main advantages of kraft tape is that it is environmentally friendly, as it is made from a renewable resource and is recyclable. It is also a cost-effective alternative to other types of tape, such as plastic or vinyl tapes.

Kraft Paper Tape Application:
  1. Packaging: It is commonly used in packaging applications. It is used to seal cardboard boxes, paper bags, and other types of packaging materials.
  2. Shipping: It is also commonly used in shipping applications. It is used to secure packages and prevent them from opening during transit.
  3. Labeling: It is often used as a labeling tape for packages and products. It can be easily written on or printed on with a label printer.
  4. Arts and Crafts: It is also popular in the arts and crafts community. It can be used for scrapbooking, collage, and other creative projects.
  5. Bookbinding: It is sometimes used in bookbinding applications to reinforce the spine of a book or to repair damaged pages.
  6. Marking: It is sometimes used as a marking tape to indicate areas that need attention or to label items in a warehouse or storage facility.

Kraft Paper Tape Model List:
Product Number:Total ThicknessAdhesion to Steel:Size:
XH-120KPT120 microns13 N/25mmCustom

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