Luminous Tape

@Luminous tape, also known as glow tape, glowing tape, glow in dark tape, glow in the dark tape.

– Thickness (mm): 0.18 | Custom

– Width (mm): From 1mm to 1240mm | Custom

– Length (m): 5 | 10 | Custom

– Core Diameter(mm): 25 | 32 | 38 | 76 | Custom

– Packing Term: Lable | OPP bag | PVC Box | Carton | Custom

Kindly Note: Custom size are available.
Luminous Tape Description:

Luminous tape is a type of adhesive tape that is coated with a material that emits light after being exposed to a light source. The tape contains phosphorescent materials that absorb and store energy from a light source, and then release that energy as visible light in the dark. We are professional popular adhesive tape manufacturer, who can offer the OEM & ODM service to each customer.

Luminous tape is commonly used in low light or dark environments to provide visual guidance, mark hazardous areas, or highlight emergency exits. It is available in various colors and sizes, and can be cut to fit specific shapes and designs. Luminous tape is often used in industrial settings, as well as for safety, recreational, and decorative purposes.

Luminous Tape Application:
  1. Safety: It can be used to mark exits, stairways, handrails, and other potential hazards in low light conditions. This can help prevent accidents and injuries in dark areas.
  2. Emergency: It can be used to mark emergency exits, emergency equipment, and other important locations in case of power outages or other emergencies.
  3. Decorative: It can be used to create glowing designs and patterns on walls, floors, and other surfaces. This can be used in art installations, stage productions, and other creative projects.
  4. Sports: It can be used to mark boundaries and playing fields in low light conditions. This can be helpful for nighttime sports events and activities.
  5. Camping: It can be used to mark tent lines, campsite boundaries, and other important locations in camping and hiking trips.
  6. Automotive:It can be used to mark important controls, buttons, and switches inside a vehicle. This can be helpful for drivers who need to adjust their car’s settings in low light conditions.

Luminous Tape Model List:
Product Number:Time:Color:Packing Term:
XH-LT/44 HoursGreenCustom
XH-LT/64 HoursGreenCustom
XH-LT/84 HoursGreenCustom

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