Polyester Silicone Tape

@Polyester Silicone Tape is made from polyester film with single side coated silicone adhesive, it has been used in applications at temperatures as high as 180°C and won’t leave glue and color.

– Color: Green | Deep Green | Red | Yellow | Blue | Black | Transparent | Amber | Custom

– Thickness (mm): 0.04 | 0.05 | 0.055 | 0.06 | 0.08 | 0.1 | Custom

– Width (mm): From 1mm to 1070mm | Custom

– Length (m): 33 | 50 | 66 | 100 | Custom

– Core Diameter(mm): 25 | 32 | 38 | 76 | Custom

– Packing Term: Label | OPP Bag | PVC Box | Carton | Custom

– Related Process: + Release Liner | Die Cutting | Custom

Kindly Note: Custom size of Polyester Silicone Tape is available.
Polyester Silicone Tape Description:

Polyester Silicone Tape is a high-temperature-resistant adhesive tape made from a polyeser film that is coated with a silicone adhesive. It is commonly known as Kapton tape, which is a registered trademark of DuPont. Polyester Silicone Tape is widely used in industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

Polyester Silicone Tape has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for use in high-temperature environments. It can withstand temperatures up to 180°C without losing its properties or adhesive strength. The tape also has good chemical resistance and is resistant to most solvents, acids, and oils.

Some common uses of Polyester Silicone Tape include:

  1. Electrical insulation: Polyester Silicone Tape is used as a high-temperature insulation material in electrical and electronic applications. It is often used to wrap and protect wires and cables.
  2. Surface protection: Polyester Silicone Tape is used to protect surfaces during manufacturing processes such as powder coating, electroplating, and anodizing. It can also be used to protect surfaces during shipping and handling.
  3. Masking: Polyester Silicone Tape is used as a masking material during soldering, painting, and other manufacturing processes. It can withstand the high temperatures of these processes without melting or losing its adhesive properties.

Overall, Polyester Silicone Tape is a versatile and durable material that is essential in many industrial applications.

Polyester Silicone Tape Model List:
Product NumberBase FilmTotal ThicknessAdhesion to Stell
XH-2540PST25 microns40 microns7 N/25mm
XH-2550PST25 microns50 microns8 N/25mm
XH-3850PST38 microns50 microns6 N/25mm
XH-2555PST25 microns55 microns8.5 N/25mm
XH-3855PST38 microns55 microns7 N/25mm
XH-3860PST38 microns60 microns8 N/25mm
XH-5080PST50 microns80 microns8.5 N/25mm
XH-6080PST60 microns80 microns7.5 N/25mm
XH-50100PST50 microns100 microns12 N/25mm
XH-75100PST75 microns100 microns8 N/25mm

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